Various Committees(Vidyalaya level Committees)



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Name of the Dept/Committee

Nature of duty






To supervise all departments and activities from time to time

1.P Subhashini  Vice Principal

2. Suryanagendram, HM

3 DD Srivatsava PGT Hin



Academic Planning and Implementation

To plan academic programmes of the entire Vidyalaya for the academic session by giving priority to learning.

To ensure preparation and use of split-up of syllabus for Term-I and for Term-II for I to IX and as decided for classes X,XI and XII

To plan and ensure implementation of CMP EQUIP and special programmes for Board exam classes.

To ensure preparation and administration of worksheets and activity sheets throughout the year for FA2 and FA4.

To monitor preparation of CCA records in respect of all classes.

To ensure proper preparation and submission of teachers diary.

To plan for Parent-Teacher Meetings immediately after the conclusion of one level of assessment or whenever required.

Vetting of question papers and ensuring preparation of standard question papers for various level of assessments.

Ensuring the regular the conduct of subject committee meetings with appropriate agenda.

Organizing remedial classes for low achievers.

1. K Vijaylakshmi, PGT, Eng

2. K Surya Nagendram, HM

3. Dashrath Ram, PGT Maths

4. DD Srivastava, PGT Hin

5. P Subhashini, PGT Bio

6. Mithilesh Sagar, PRT



Morning Assembly& CCA

To plan the basic format of Morning assembly programmes and circulate it to all concern well in advance.

To ensure that the morning assembly starts and ends on/in time and to see that students come well prepared and present programs effectively. To plan for talks on value education and  guidance from Teachers/experts.

To distribute the students into four  Houses, plan the activities for entire year and to conduct competitions as per the plan and also make arrangement for celebration of days of national and international importance.

Maintenance of display boards

To bring out Vidyalaya patrika as per the schedule of activities of KVS

1. K Vijaylakshmi, PGT- Eng 

2. Pratibha Xess, TGT- SST

3. Prabha Singh,TGT Hin

4. A Madhavi, TGT Eng

6. Archana PRT

7.Ch. Giri, TGT WE

8. Khaja Masiuddin, TGT PHE

9. Malvika Tiwari, Music Teacher

10.Class teachers & Co-class teachers.



Time-Table Committee

To frame the time table as per the allotment given by KVS and to make substitution/arrangements for teachers who are on leave/ Duty. Changes if any to be incorporated as and when required in the academic interest of students.

1. Dashrath ram, PGT Maths

2. J Anjaiah, TGT Math

3. Suryanagendram HM





Admission Committee

Issue of Registration forms, conducting interviews/ test as the case may be and to prepare provisional selection lists as per the KVS admission guidelines. Checking the documents and completing the admn procedure

1. E. V. Ramana, PGT Phy

2. R Brijanand Reddy, PRT

3. Dr. Chandra Mohan,TGT Sci





To plan the conduct of Fas, SAs and other assessments, as per the schedule given by KVS, to conduct the tests and examinations, to maintain the secrecy and to prepare relevant information to be sent to regional office. To get the Q/P of Fas and Sas moderated before giving them for printing.

To prepare and execute Annual Plan for conducting Parent Teacher Meeting and  maintaining a record of the same

1.D  D shrivastava,PGT Hindi

2.Prabha Singh TGT (Hindi)

3.Azuba Job, TGT Eng

4  Ved Sindhu, TGT SKT.

5. Mithlesh Sagar,  PRT

6. Parul, PRT

7. Pullaiah, Lab Attd (Sec)

8. Narsimha, Lab Attd.



Examination(External including CBSE)

To prepare Nominal rolls of class IX to XII. To send the required information to CBSE and to plan for examinations conducted by other agencies as approved by KVS

1. D Ashok  PGTChem

2. E.V. Ramana, PGT Phy

3. J. Anjaiah TGT Maths

4. P Suseela, TGT Sci



General Discipline

To monitor the discipline of all students. In order to improve the general discipline of students during and after school hours.

1. Khaja Masiuddin, TGT  PHE

2. Dasrath Ram, PGT Maths

3 D D Srivastav PGT Hin

4. Azuba Job TGT Eng

5. Suryanagendram HM

6  Mithilesh Sagar, PRT

8.All Class Teachers & ACTs



Official Language Implementation Committee/German classes

To conduct periodic OLC meetings, sending periodical reports to KVS, implementing Rajbasha in letter and spirit as per rules in the vidyalaya.

1 DD Srivastava PGT Hindi

2.Suryanagendram, HM

3. Prabha Singh, TGT Hin

5. Archana, PRT

6. Gouri Shankar, ASO

5. SV Murali Krishna ,UDC



 Maintenance and Face Lift of school Building including  Cleanliness of the Vidyalaya

To supervise cleanliness of class rooms toilets, verandas and to report to the principal on a Day to day basis.

Upkeep and Developing infrastructural facilities and carry out repair works on priority basis and giving face lift to the vidyalaya

1.D Ashok, PGT Chem

2.Ch. Giri, TGT WE

3. Pratibha Xess,TGT SST

4. Jayanna TGT AE

5. VedSindhu TGT SKT

6. Priya Shah, TGT SST

7. A. Jyoti, TGT Mat

8. Krishna Veni, PRT



Checking of pay bill and Maintenance of CS-11 & CS-54 Registers

Fee Concessions and Scholarships & Benefits under RTE to Class I

To check and certify the Bills and to maintain the registers and to report any discrepancy to the principal.

1.DD Srivastav PGT Hin

2.K Surya Nagendram HM

3. Gowri Shankar, Asst.


UBI Online Fee collection

To ensure First verification and Second verification of students data for every quarter by the class teachers.

To ensure 100% online fee collection and checking.

1. D Ashok, PGT Chem

2. Sandhya Lakra, PGT CS

3. S V Murali Krishna, UDC

4.  All Class Teachers.



To procure furniture suitable to all age groups and to get the repair works done on an urgent basis.

1.Jayanna TGT AE

2.Ch. Giri, TGT WE

3. Mohd Alam, PRT

4. R Brijanand Reddy, PRT


Junior Science Lab

To procure the materials for the labs and put them to proper use by the students.

1. Dr. Chandra Mohan K TGT(Sci).

2.Susheela TGT Sci


Language Lab

To procure materials like CDs, cassettes etc. suitable for all age groups and put them proper use for the benefit of students.

1.KVijaylakshmi PGT (ENG)

2.E.Padmavathi TGT(Hindi)

3.   Ved Sindhu TGT SKT

4. Azuba TGT Eng


Mathematics Lab

To equip the lab with teaching aids prepared by students, staff and also those which are readily available in the market, to put them to proper use by the students to develop the skills.

1. Dasrath Ram,PGT (Maths)

2.J Anjaiah TGT Maths

3. K.Lalitha(Maths)

4. A.Jyothi, TGT Maths


Library committee

To suggest and to procure books, Magazines, Periodicals suitable for all age groups on priority basis and to condemn the books as suggested by the condemnation committee.

1. Ved Sindhu, TGT SKT

2. Vijaylakshmi, PGT Eng

3. E Padmavathi,TGT Hin

4. Azuba Job, TGT Eng

5. Chandra Mohan, TGT Sci

6. Surya Prakash, TGT Hin

7. K.Lalitha, TGT Maths

8. Pratibha Xess,TGT SST

9. Mohd Alam, PRT

10.Mithlesh Sagar, PRT


Prize Distribution Committee

To plan procure and distribute Certificates and prizes for all CCA Sports and Games and other competitions

1.k Vijalakshmi ,PGT-Eng

2. Pratibha Xess, TGT SST

3. Prabha Singh, TGT Hin

4. Archana PRT


Resource room /Activity room(Primary)

To procure Materials needed to maintain the room properly and to make it available to the students/teachers and prepare a time table for the room

1. Suryanagendram, HM

2. Parul, PRT


First aid/Medical Check-up/MI room

To procure materials needed for first aid separately for primary and secondary and to attend to the needs of students.

1.Khaja Masiuddin, TGT PHE

2.A Madhavi,TGT Eng

3. Mohd. Alam, PRT

4.Pullaih, Sub Staff.


Common Minimum Program(CMP)

To implement the program as per the instructions given from time to time.


1.Suryanagendram, HM

Cluster Level

1.     Mithlesh Sagar,  PRT

2.Mohd. Alam, PRT


Educational tours/Excursions

To plan Educational tours/Excursions for all classes spread over the year and to conduct tours/excursions.

1.DD Srivastav PGT Hin

2. Chandra Mohan TGT Sci

3.Ved Sindhu, TGT SKT

4.Archana, PRT

5. Mohd. Alam, PRT


Updating School Website

To update the information available on the Vidyalaya website on a regular basis at least once in week.

1. Sandhya Lakra PGT(Com)

2. ,TGT Eng

3. Computer Instructor


Water and power supply to the Vidyalaya building

To ensure uninterrupted supply of drinking water, water in toilets and gardens. To arrest overflow /leakage of water and to see that water and power is conserved.

To create awareness among students and staff for water and energy conservancy.

1. CH Giri, TGT WE

2. D Ashok, PGT Chem

3. Murali Krishna, UDC

4. A Abbaiah, Sub staff

5. P.Sharat, Sub Staff

6. Narasimha, Sub Staff


Core  cum Crisis management committee

 To discuss and resolve on emergency events and take measures to diffuse the situation

And also to take appropriate measures for safety of students

1.P Subhashini, VP

2. dshrath RAm PGT Maths

3.DD Srivastava  PGT Hin


5. Shaik Hussain TGT SST.

6. Khaja Masiuddin TGT PHE

7.Ashok Kumar Gaur Yoga Tr

8. Prabha Singh, TGT Hin

9.R Brijanand Reddy, PRT


Class Room Library


To plan and implement all class room library activities in classes  I to V effectively

1.  Archana, PRT


Quarters Welfare/Maintenance Committee

To plan and supervise quarters maintenance and welfare of the inmates of the staff quarters

1. D Ashok, PGT Chem

2. Sandhya Lakra PGT Comp

3. E Padmavathy TGT Hin

4. Azuba TGT Eng

5. Pratibha Xess,TGT SSt

6. A. Abbai


Environment Club &

Nature Club

To plan and execute all club activities

1.N N rao PGT Bio

2.Susheela TGT Sci

3.Chandra Mohan TGT Sci

4 CH Giri, TGT WE


Literary Club

To plan and execute all club activities

1.DD Srivastav PGT Hin

2. Vijaylakshmi PGT Eng

3. Madhavi TGT Eng

4. SuryaPrakash TGT Hin

5. VedSindhu  TGT SKT


Integrity Club

To plan and execute all club activities

1. Pratibha Xess, TGT SSt

2. Khaja Masiuddin, TGT P&HE


Suggestion box Review committee

To open the suggestion box every Wednesday & to maintain a record of the suggestions made & the action taken

1.Sandhya Lakra, PGT CS

2.Khaja Masiuddin TGT P&HE

3. J. Sadanandam Sub Staff.


Adventure Club

To arrange adventure activities in collaboration with KVS approved agencies

1. Khaja Masiuddin TGT P&HE

2.Ch. Giri, TGT WE

3. VedSindhu  TGT SKT

3.Jayanna TGT AE

4.Mohd. Alam, PRT


Scouts & Guides Committee

To plan and execute scouting & guiding activities

1. E.V. Ramana, PGT Phy

2.A Madhavi TGT Eng

3. VedSindhu TGT Skt

5. Archana, PRT

6. Mohd. Alam, PRT



Guidance and Counseling Cell

To plan and  carry out counseling sessions periodically and provide necessary guidance to the needy students

1.D.D.Srivastava, PGT Hindi

2. Dr. Chandra Mohan, TGT Sci

3. Ved Sindhu. TGT SKT


AEP implementation committee

To plan annual activities and implement programmes under AEP and Gender Sensitization as per KVS Guidelines.

1. P Suseela, TGT Sci

2. Pratibha Xess, TGT-SST

3. K Vijaylakshmi, PGT Eng

4. D.D. Srivastava, PGT Hindi


Staff room up-keep and  maintenance committee


1.Pratibha Xess,TGT SSt

2.A Madhavi,TGT Eng

3.Krishna Veni,PRT

4.Mithlesh Sagar,PRT

5.B.Sathaiah, Sub Staff

6.Y.Prabhakar Rao. Sub Staff

Circulated among all members of the staff for compliance.

                                                                                                                          (JOSHUA HASTINGS)